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Book an appointment for a video consultation with ophthalmologist Feike Gerbrandy

During a video consultation you have a regular consultation with ophthalmologist Feike Gerbrandy. You see the ophthalmologist sitting in front of you in a secure online environment. This way you do not have to travel and you will be helped in your familiar environment. It can also be a good preparation for a physical consultation in Diemen.

  • For many people starting with a video consultation is a good way to find out if traveling to Amsterdam is a good idea. Of course this is no substitute for a real visit but it gives you the chance to meet the eye doctor online. In some cases it can prevent disappointments. (Unfortunately this is not always the case. It does happen sometimes that someone who appeared to be a good candidate for laser is found to be not treatable by laser when in the clinic. Of course the opposite can happen too)
  • A teleconsultation is especially recommended for younger people or people who have a long travelling time.
  • If you have scans or reports from other eye docs please send them by email before the consultation.
  • Please note that in most cases you will be taking to an optometrist first. He/she will do the first work-up and create your file. The ophthalmologist will follow afterwards.

Video consultation is used mostly for:

  • Floaters
  • Dry eye disease (DED)
  • 2nd Opinion

How does it work?

  • Would you like to book a video consultation? Fill in the form on this page and we will contact you to schedule it.
  • A teleconsultation is only scheduled after payment has been received
  • You will receive an appointment from our online agenda (James Software)
  • The consultation will be run by Zoom (we will send you a link shortly before)
  • If we can’t find each other on zoom we will call you by phone
  • Please note that it is often impossible to call you exactly at the scheduled time…


Our rates can be found here.


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