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Cataract Surgery

Ophthalmologist Feike Gerbrandy is a highly experienced eye surgeon. He has performed thousands of cataract surgeries over the past years. The complication rate is very low and below the national average.

For cataract surgeries we have a partnership with OPSIS Oogziekenhuis in Amstelveen and OMC Zaandam. Patients from the OMC Amstelland will be referred to Amstelveen or Zaandam before surgery. These surgeries are fully covered by health insurance. After the surgical trajectory you will return to Diemen for further check-up.

In the past, the same “standard” lens was implanted in everyone. Nowadays, however, many people opt for a “premium” lens. These are toric lenses (correcting cylinder strength) or multifocal (trifocal) lenses. Glasses are no longer needed. Trifocal lenses have the advantage of making glasses superfluous in most cases. The disadvantage is not everyone is suitable for the lens. People who want to get rid of their glasses may be suitable.

People who prefer sharp vision over glasses are advised not to choose a trifocal lens.

These days in ophthalmology, rates are so low that hospitals do not lose any money on cataract surgery. There is some margin on “premium” lenses. However, it remains important to be very critical in choosing a multifocal lens. This does not apply to a toric lens. In the case of certain cylinder strength, this will almost always be the most sensible option.

Great vision and getting rid of your glasses

If you think excellent vision is more important than wearing glasses, it is wise to opt for a monofocal lens. If you function better without glasses even if your vision will be less, a multifocal lens can be a good choice.

Warning: complaints of moving spots (years) after a cataract operation?

After cataract surgery, there is a permanently increased risk of retinal detachments. If you experience these symptoms, make sure to have your eyes checked shortly (<1 week). In case of severe complaints, urgent consultation may be necessary.

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