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Treatment fees for foreign patients

Treatment fees for our foreign patients are slightly different from the fees for local patients because we have to make special arrangements and plan more time.

€ 145 Skype/Zoom video-consultation; this is often very helpful in estimating how useful it will be to visit us in Amsterdam.
€ 400 First Consultation
€ 600 Premium Consultation.
This is an extra long first consultation. During this consultation there is  plenty of time for questions and answers. We can make pre-operative OCT scans and videos. These video’s allow you to view the floaters yourself.
€ 1750 Laser treatment per eye, for up to 4 sessions
€ 3400 Premium Floater laser treatment ( per eye) For this type of treatment we schedule much more time.
€ 385 Additional laser treatment
€ 275 Additional consultation
€ 700 IPL treatment (4 sessions)
€ 290 Punctal Plugs (per eye)

Methods of payment

Foreigns patients can pay in cash, banktranfer or card. We accept most credit cards and foreign bank cards. Please note that because of bank fees we charge 3% extra for payments done with credit card or foreign bank cards.

For most appointments we demand a deposit ahead of scheduled time. Skype/Zoom consultations have to be paid in advance.

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