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M.B. Mulders

Letter from a grateful patient from Oss, addressed to four Dutch ophthalmologists who were unaware of the possibility of laser treatment:

Dear Dr. T.,

I would like draw your attention to the following. This concerns a form of treatment of floaters with the Yag-laser. In the USA this method of treatment has been applied for over 20 years, and since 2009 it is applied by one Doctor in The Netherlands, namely Dr. F. Gerbrandy.

I myself have been successfully liberated from the so called Weiss Ring in both eyes. My vision is clear again. This has been confirmed after testing in Bernhoven Hospital in Oss, the Netherlands.

For patients who suffer from floaters this method of treatment with the Yag-laser offers an opportunity to improve their situation.

It is clear that safety and effectiveness have not yet been proven in scientific publications. Over the past 20 years, thousands of patients have been treated successfully in the USA, but in the absence of scientific evidence this is still deemed experimental.

What do I wish to achieve with this letter?  

It is my wish that patients suffering from floaters will be made aware of the existence of treatment with the Yag-laser, enabling them to decide for themselves whether or not to undergo the treatment if possible – even when you, as their treating doctor, have not yet advised them to.

Finally, I would like to point out that floaters have a major impact on one’s daily life, and not for everyone is equipped to learn to live with this.

Sincerely and with kind regards,

M.B. Mulders

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