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Johann Schmid

The story of a patient who was faced with eye floaters after a car crash, and who feels reborn after successful floater laser treatment:

Following a car crash in July 2007, I was faced with vitreous floaters. My ophthalmologist told me I would just have to learn to live with it: “After a while you’ll be used to them and you’ll hardly even notice them, if at all”, he said.

Unfortunately, this didn’t work out for me, it drove me “nuts”. Two consultations with other ophthalmologists did not really get me anywhere either: a vitrectomy was a possibility except that I only have 1 functioning eye, as there is always the possibility of something going wrong. In other words: I just had to learn to live with it…

The mouches impacted my entire wellbeing: I became grumpy, listless and would turn in every night at around 9PM. Often I literally couldn’t see a way out!

Beginning of February 2007, I came across an article on Dr. feike Gerbrandy from eye clinic Zonnestraal in Hilversum: on February 18th he would hold a lecture with the title “YAG floater laser is effective and safe enough to be the treatment of first choice for vitreous floaters”.

I reached out to him by email right away, which went so smooth and easy I instantly made an appointment. On March 10 and 28 I underwent YAG laser treatment with great result! Although not all floaters have gone, I feel reborn! The floaters that are still there may be able to be treated as well, as Dr. Gerbrandy intends to acquire another YAG laser device which may also be able to reach floaters that are quite deep inside the vitreous fluid. As soon as this device gets there, I will be there too.”

PP (Johann Schmid)

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