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Patient Questionnaire

Everyone who was treated between November 2011 and July 2012 received an online survey on their experience with the floater laser. Below are some patient reviews from the online questionnaire. The reviews have not been edited:

17-3-2013 19:15

16-3-2013 19:13
Generally satisfied

16-3-2013 19:04
Pleasant treatment, fantastic.

16-3-2013 18:47
Strings were not that bad and are completely gone now. Treatment of wrinkles in lens went well too, I still have complaints though.

16-3-2013 18:36
Great success and will recommend doing this to everyone.

16-3-2013 18:21
Glad to hear something could be done, Treatment was very pleasant. Happy about each form of improvement, disappointed that things are regressing a little. Great aftercare.

15-3-2013 14:05
Fine, go for it!

15-3-2013 13:42
Perfect. Quick treatment, after-treatment done really soon as well.

15-3-2013 13:05
Very happy and contented, things have settled down a lot after the spots have gone.

14-3-2013 17:31
The only annoying thing about the treatment is the small tap on the head/neck every time.

14-3-2013 17:05
Good treatment.

14-3-2013 15:16
Accurate service, simple treatment

14-3-2013 15:11
All good, Dr. Gerbrandy is very calm.

14-3-2013 14:38
Very good, with integrity, decent and helping. Careful.

14-3-2013 14:24
Problems gone after half a day, treatment as a whole very pleasant.

14-3-2013 13:15
Great treatment, succeeded well!

13-3-2013 21:34
End result: the Weiss rings are gone, my vision is clear again and I enjoy the calm that has returned in both eyes. In addition, I no longer experience the strange light incidence from left or right in both eyes after lasering of the floaters.

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