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Our lasers

Amsterdam Eye Hospitals works with 2 different lasers.

Lasag Meridian Microruptor II (MR II)

This is our most special and famous laser. It is a Swiss made laser, designed by the famous Prof Frankhauser to work in the vitreous. The MRII is a very powerful laser with superior optics. It is faster and stronger than any other YAG laser used in ophthalmology. The speed is important for larger floaters: the faster the laser the shorter the treatment time. The shorter the treatment time the better. For your understanding: a treatment that takes 45 minutes on the Zeiss laser might take les than 12-15 minutes on a MRII.

The superior optics allow the surgeon to treat floaters that can’t be treated with any other laser. Especially small floaters in young people.

Unfortunately this is laser is no longer being produced. The main reason for it is that is was too expensive to make making it difficult to compete with cheaper lasers that were designed to treat simple things only (after cataract). One could compare it to the market for Rolls Royce vs Volkswagen for people that only need a car to go shopping. Fortunately we have the luck of owning 2 MRII lasers

About 95% of our treatments are done using an MRII laser. It is the same laser as dr Scott Geller in Florida uses. When I visited him back in 2012 he strongly recommended me to get this laser. I have been very thankful for this advise.

Ellex Ultra-Q-Reflex (UQR)

This is the most modern laser. Most clinics that offer YAG-vitreolysis only have this laser. Thew UQR also has been designed to work in the vitreous. Although the MRII is our standard laser, for some indications we prefer the UQR. So in about a quarter of our cases we use the UQR next to or instead of the MRII.

We are most probably the only clinic in the world that can offer this advantage.

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