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How to prepare for your consultation?

It can be worthwhile to try to answer the following questions before your consultation:

  • Which eye is bothered by floaters?
  • How long have you been bothered by floaters (less than 3 months, 3-6 months, 1-2 yrs, 2-5 yrs, > 5 yrs)
  • Which activities are disturbed by your floaters: reading, driving, light environment, always, unpredicatable
  • Would you consider a vitrectomy if laser treatment is not possible or not effective?
  • Floaterscore: how much are you bothered by your floaters on a scale from 1 to 10 (1= no bother, 10= extremely bothersome)
  • This score is used to grade the lever of disturbance and to monitor the effect of the treatment. In our 2013 study in 146 eyes, the average score before treatment was 7.9. 1 year after treatment it was 3.9. 86.1% of patients were satisfied with the result. This is comparable to the 85% satisfaction rate after a vitrectomy.
  • Is your sight normal when the floaters are not in sight?
  • Important for highly mobile floaters: Which route do they follow. Which movements can make them appear or disappear? Can you find  (a combination of) movements that will make if move towards the center but still be big and hazy?

These questions can be difficult to answer. However if you have tried to find the answers the chance of a successfull treatment is higher.

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