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Why do people travel to Amsterdam to treat their floaters?

Ophthalmologist Feike Gerbrandy has been treating patients with floaters since 2009. He performs about 1000 laser treatments a year, this makes him the most experienced floater laser specialist in Europe. On global scale, only American ophthalmologists such as dr. Geller and dr. Karickhoff are more experienced.

As the lasering of floaters is an extremely complex technique to master completely, numbers and experience are essential. The chance of success is much greater when an experienced doctor performs the treatment.

Gerbrandy has noticed that with the majority of his patients, he can usually assess right away whether a floater can be treated with laser and what the chances of success are. In addition, he develops new treatment strategies regularly and adjusts his technique.

As far as we know, the OMC Amstelland is the only clinic in the world to be equipped with both the latest Ellex laser, the Ultra Q reflex (UQR), and the Swiss Meridian Microruptor II laser (MRII). These 2 lasers complement each other perfectly. For some floaters the one laser is preferred, for other floaters the other. This depends on the optical properties of the laser’s microscope. One works better for the eye itself and its edges, the other works better behind the eye. Because we can use both lasers, the highest safety and effectiveness can be offered.

Only at the OMC-Amstelland in Diemen floater laser treatment is offered in such a high quality standard. The combination of experience, dedication and equipment makes us the best in Europe. Worldwide, there is only one clinic that is comparable, which is Dr. Geller’s clinic in Florida.

Most of our patients are very satisfied with the results of their floater laser treatment. In some cases we were unable to relieve patients from their floaters. We always do our best to predict the succes rate of a treatment. Generally speaking, this turns out to be quite accurate.

Floaters/Mouches Volantes

People with floaters (mouches volantes) see one or more spots floating in their vision. Depending on where they are located, a floater can hinder daily life. You can get used to some floaters, while others can be highly intrusive.


You can go to the OMC Amstelland ophthalmic clinic for cataract surgery or treatment of eye floaters. All treatments take place in the form of a day treatment and take place in our eye clinic in Diemen.


The Healthcare Institution Netherlands (Zorginstituut Nederland) has decided that floater laser treatment can not be offered as insured healthcare. We can only offer the treatment as uninsured care.

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