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Complications in wearing contact lenses

There are two types of contact lenses (CL) for daily use:

  • rigid (also called: hard) contact lenses
  • soft contact lenses (monthly, weekly or daily lenses)
irritatie met contactlenzen

These complications are the most common with soft contact lenses, especially when:

  • the lenses (they are not suitable for this) are not taken out when sleeping;
  • the lenses and lens case are not kept clean;
  • the lenses are worn without examination by a recognized optometrist or contact lens specialist;
  • the lenses or lens fluids are not replaced in time;
  • the lenses are kept in while swimming in open water.

Even if you are used to wearing contact lenses all the time, you should switch up wearing glasses as well. It is advised not to wear contact lenses continuously. We suggest taking them out for a couple of hours in the evening or another time of day that best suits you. The potential complications in wearing contact lenses:

  • vascular growth in the cornea;
  • scarring on the cornea;
  • infection of the cornea: this can be very serious and cause permanent visual damage!


Source: NOG patient information  –

When should you pay an urgent visit to a contact lens specialist or doctor/ophthalmologist?

In case of pain and/or redness that does not wear off within 12 hours after removing contact lenses.

Concerning all complaints: take out lenses, put on glasses!

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