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Video Consult Service

New service, Video Consult from your own home. For more information or to make an appointment, click below.

floater laser omc amstelland amsterdam
Video Consult Service

New service, Video Consult from your own home. For more information or to make an appointment, click below.

Floater Laser Eye Clinic

The OMC Amstelland is a Floater laser eye clinic that is an internationally renowned referral center for the laser treatment of floaters and other eye problems. Patients from numerous countries visit our Amsterdam-based clinic for treatment. On a regular basis we invite both national and international ophthalmologists as guest doctors to our clinic. They aim to expand their knowledge of the floater laser by observing the treatments.

The attending doctor of the ophthalmic clinic Amstelland is Drs. Feike Gerbrandy. He is the first eye physician in The Netherlands who started the treatment of floaters/vitreous fluids with the help of a laser (floater laser). His areas of interest are: macular degeneration, diabetes, cataract surgery and the treatment of vitreous haze with a laser. He is one of the most experienced floater laser specialists in the world, having done numerous of eye laser treatments.


OMC Amstelland Floater Laser Eye Clinic
MD Feike Gerbrandy – ophthalmologist, eye surgeon & refractive surgeon
Muiderstraatweg 58B
1111 PT Diemen
The Netherlands


Contact and scheduling appointments

Daily from 8AM-6PM. Calls will be forwarded to our call center from 12.30AM to 1.15PM.

We recommend that you ask your questions via e-mail, so the ophthalmologist can study your file and answer your questions more thoroughly. This is not possible when you call us. We politely incline you to ask questions through e-mail, as much as possible.

Floaters/Mouches Volantes

People with floaters (mouches volantes) see one or more spots floating in their vision. Depending on where they are located, a floater can hinder daily life. You can get used to some floaters, while others can be highly intrusive.


You can go to the OMC Amstelland ophthalmic clinic for cataract surgery or treatment of eye floaters. All treatments take place in the form of a day treatment and take place in our eye clinic in Diemen.


The Healthcare Institution Netherlands (Zorginstituut Nederland) has decided that floater laser treatment can not be offered as insured healthcare. We can only offer the treatment as uninsured care.

Dry eyes treatment with OMC Amstelland

The OMC Amstelland in Diemen specializes in the treatment of dry eyes: a common and annoying condition. Most people with dry eyes are given an ointment and the advice to keep the eyelids clean. But that is usually not enough.

To properly treat dry eyes you need a lot of time, attention and knowledge. We have a lot of experience with the treatment of dry eyes. For your treatment we have special equipment for the analysis of tear film and meibomian glands. And in addition to punctum plugs, we also have specialist treatment in house: Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) with the Lumenis M22. This is a relatively new but often very successful treatment for dry eyes.


The OMC Amstelland has excellent accessibility by public transport (bus 65, tram 9) and by car. The clinic is just outside the ring road on the eastside of Amsterdam. There is a spacious parking lot. In the course of 2018, paid parking will be installed at the low rate of about 10 cents per hour.

OMC Amstelland in the media

Patient reviews of our clinic and ophthalmologist can be found at Zorgkaart NederlandOMC Amstelland and Feike Gerbrandy.



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